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(Eat A Good And Healthy Breakfast Every Day Day)
The only 13 minute Weinerville episode available on DVD.

This episode was produced by the National Dairy Council to teach kids about the importance of eating a good and healthy breakfast.

This fun filled 13 minute educational episode includes your favorite Weinerville characters including: Dottie, Zip, Pops, Boney, Capt. Ozone, Wilson and Eric Zon FirstenSecond (the villain).

Synopsis: Dottie is famished because she hasn't had breakfast yet. When she orders breakfast, she discovers that all the food in Weinerville has been stolen by Eric Von FirstenSecond, the show's evil space villian. Commander Ozone and Wilson save the day and return all the food to Weinerville.

This is the only Weinerville episode for sale on DVD.


  • Shipping outside the US costs extra

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