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actor/comedian/puppeteer/TV producer

Marc was born in Queens, NY and grew up in the northern suburb of Mahopac, NY. Marc went to Monmouth College, and then he went to work on the Clearwater Sloop, the environmental sloop started by folk singer Peter Seeger. Marc was the cook for two years and then became the first mate. It was on the Clearwater that Marc got his captain's license and learned to juggle and entertain kids. He moved to Boston, where he studied clowning and mime and became a street performer known as Marco the Clown; it was here that he met his clown partner Sunshine Sean (a.k.a. Sean Morey). Marc and Sean performed on the Bicentennial Barge, touring the waterways of New York State. From 1977 through 1979, Marc lent a smile to the streets of New York City, where he performed outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art, twice working with Robin Williams. To get out of the cold, Marc auditioned at the Improvisation comedy club and immediately became a regular there, as well as at clubs like The Comic Strip, Catch A Rising Star, and The Comedy Cellar. In 1981, he made his national network television debut as a regular on Saturday Night Live. The Secret Life of Milton (1984) (Showtime) A series of four delightful short films showing the vivid fantasies of a Hasidic Jew named Milton (played by Marc Weiner), who imagines himself the hero of popular movies. In the following years Marc appeared on many top-rated television shows. (See TV credits for complete list). Marc created and hosted the popular daily children's show Nickelodeon Weinerville, which ran on Nickelodeon from 1993-1996. Marc created and starred in a series of educational interstitial for Nick Jr. called Wordville with Marc Weiner and Friends. In the UK, Marc starred in Trebor Mighty Mints commercials. Currently, Marc is providing the voices of the "Map", "Swiper" - the fox, "Fiesta Trio" and a few other characters on Nick Jr's hit animated series Dora the Explorer. Marc also tours the US and Canada performing his one man comedy shows.

In 2004, Marc developed the Empathy Labyrinth, a tool to teach empathy skills and Nonviolent Communication.

Marc Weiner

Television and Film Credits

  1. Pinwheel (The cube cable system) (1978) Marc Weiner made his first TV appearance on this Ohio based cable show.

  2. The Big Laff-Off (Showtime) (1979) Marc and his puppets Rocko and Tony compete against comedians George Wallace, Jerry Seinfeld, and Marc Schiff.

  3. Saturday Night Live (NBC) (February 1981) Marc is on 3 weeks in a row with his boxing puppets Rocko Weineretto and Weindulah. Joe Piscapo, gets producer, Jean Doumanian, to hire Marc to appear in five more shows. Subsequently, Jean is fired but new SNL producer, Dick Ebersol, hires Marc back but the writers' strike of 1981 put an early end to that season.

  4. House of God (1980) (United Artist film) Marc Weiner appears (for a few seconds) in his first major motion picture.

  5. Saturday Night Live (NBC) (February 1982) Special guest appearance. Marc performed his character "Captain Bob."

  6. Kids Are People Too (ABC) (1982) Marc, Rocko & Tony performed their lion (kitten) trainer routine.

  7. Laughs (1983) (HBO) Comedy Special starring Marc Weiner, Rick Overton, Mark Schiff, & Charles Barnett.

  8. Rocko-Billy-Rocko (1983) Second music video produced by Marc starring Rocko Weineretto.

  9. New Wave Comedy (Home Video release) (1985)

  10. Welcome to the Funzone (NBC) (1984) Marc Weiner performed his hand puppets Rocko & Tony along with his Rolling Stones puppets.

  11. Atlantic City Live (TNT)

  12. Sesame Street (PBS) Marc Weiner makes a cameo appearance as a telephone repairman.

  13. The Secret Life of Milton (1984) (Showtime) A series of four delightful short films showing the vivid fantasies of a Hasidic Jew named Milton (played by Marc Weiner), who imagines himself the hero of popular movies.

  14. Evening At The Improv (A&E) Marc and hand puppets Rocko & Tony make several guest appearances including one with Andy Kaufman and Weiner's female mud wrestler hand puppets.

  15. MTV Half Hour Comedy Hour (MTV) Marc & Rocko perform stand-up, magic trick, and sword fight routine.

  16. The Beach Boys' Endless Summer (TV Series) (1989) 8 appearances with Marc and his puppets Rocko and Tony.

  17. The Jim Henson Hour (ABC) (1989) Marc and Rocko & Tony appear with Muppets.

  18. Bizarre (Showtime) Three appearances with Marc and his puppets Rocko and Tony, as well as performing Captain Bob and his Superman hand puppet.

  19. Encyclopedia (HBO) (1987) Marc makes cameo appearance in show "A".

  20. Short Attention Span (Comedy Central) (1990) Marc as his trademark head puppet makes first TV appearance as a Hillbilly character.

  21. The Tommy Sledge Show (Comedy Central) (1990)

  22. Friday Night Video (NBC) (1991) Marc appears as head puppet stand-up comedian character.

  23. Caroline's Comedy Hour (many appearances) Marc Weiner introduces his head puppet character, General Weiner, and The Weinerman routines as well as others.

  24. America's Funniest People(ABC)(1991) Marc made a few appearances with Rocko & Tony and some head puppet characters.

  25. Joey Delux Presents (Comedy Central) (1992) 10-2 minute interstitials starring Marc Weiner in head puppet form as many different show business characters.

  26. Random Acts of Variety (HA-comedy network) (1990) 7 appearances with Marc and his head puppets.

  27. Comedy Tonight (Fox) Many appearances.

  28. Comic Strip Live (Fox) (1990-93) Marc, Rocko, Tony and many Weinerville head puppet characters make several guest appearances.

  29. That's Not Fair (1991)(Comedy Central  - Pilot only)

  30. Nickelodeon Weinerville (Nickelodeon) (1993-96) (62 episodes) Marc Weiner teamed up with the highest rated cable network, Nickelodeon, to bring audiences the premiere of Nickelodeon Weinerville on July 11, 1993. The show, a totally outrageous half-hour variety show, uses classic elements of kid's programming, which include puppeteering and interaction with a live studio audience, to entertain kids and their parents. Since its premiere, Weinerville has commanded the attention of such shows as "Entertainment Tonight", "Good Morning America" and "CBS This Morning" for being television's first and only half-man/half-puppet variety show where kids are transformed into puppet citizens. The show has also received numerous award nominations, including two Cable ACE nominations, and has received critical acclaim from: The New York Times, New York Times Magazine, The Daily News, The New York Post, Newsday, TV Guide, The LA Times, and many more.

  31. Nickelodeon Weinerville New Year’s Eve Special (Nickelodeon) (1995)

  32. Weinerville Election Special (Nickelodeon) (1996) (guest appearances by Bill Maher, Senator Joseph Lieberman, Melissa Joan Hart and Marc Summers).

  33. Weinerville Chanukah Special (Nickelodeon) (1996)

  34. Space Ghost (Cartoon Network) (1997)

  35. Figure It Out (Nickelodeon) (1997) 6 episodes

  36. Make Me Laugh (Comedy Central) (1998) 5 episodes

  37. Wordville with Marc Weiner and Friends (Nick Jr.) (1998) a series of 5 educational interstitials on Nick Jr. to teach kids vocabulary. Marc hosts and plays a variety of head puppet characters. Marc’s son, Max Weiner, designed Sara, the Weinerette-style hand puppet, and the sun.

  38. Pat Bullard Show (Marc gets Pat and 3 other TV celebrities to join him in a five-person head puppet set).

  39. Good Morning America (ABC)

  40. CBS This Morning (CBS) Marc makes two appearances with host Harry Smith who is Weinerized.

  41. Entertainment Tonight (CBS) John Tesh and Mary Hart are Weinerized.

  42. Disney's Brotherly Love (WB & Disney Channel) (1998-2001) Marc Weiner makes guest appearance as himself along with puppet Boney. The Lawrence brothers get Weinerized and become head puppets.

  43. Dora The Explorer (Nick Jr.) (2000-) Marc Weiner provides the voices of the "Map", "Swiper"-the fox, "Fiesta Trio" and a few other characters for this Nick Jr. animated series.

  44. Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, episode #22. Substitute Teacher .  Started airing in 2006. Marc is featured in this episode written by Scott Fellow, creator of Ned's, who got his TV start working on  Weinerville. 

  45. CBS Early Show (CBS) (2009) Marc is interviewed by old friend Harry Smith about Marc's Empathy Labyrinth.

  46. Dora and Friends (All seasons)

  47. Dora The Explorer - Movie (2019)

Wordville: with Marc Weiner and Friends

A preschool spinoff of Weinerville, which aired on Nick Jr. on weekday mornings in 1998-1999 Marc used his unique hand puppets and his well known Weinerville style head puppets to teach kids new words. Wordville: with Marc Weiner and Friends contained only (4) 3 minute episodes that ran in between other programs.

Weinerville Productions is the production company founded and owned by Marc Weiner. In addition to creating and producing TV shows for Nickelodeon, Weinerville Productions has also created two shows for Comedy Central, and has co-written award-winning educational videos starring Marc Weiner for the National Dairy Council and St. Jude Hospital. Weinerville Productions also produces live nationally touring stage shows. Weinerville specializes only in clean and wholesome humor which is safe and enjoyable for the entire family. Marc Weiner developed two unique forms of puppetry, The Weinerettes - hand puppets - and The Weinerville style head puppets - human heads on puppet bodies.

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